Farm to Table Restaurants around NYC?

This is a work in progress. I need to find more of these.  Suggestions welcome!

News flash (September, 2012): Print at 48th St and 11th Avenue is fabulous.  Expensive, but fabulous.  I can’t believe it took me 9 months to finally add it to this page!  (I first went there for Christmas, 2011.)

News flash (August, 2012): Green Square Tavern – 5 west 21st St. 212.929.2468 is excellent.  It’s a friendly and fairly casual place, which I appreciate.  The food is delicious.  I am mostly bored by chicken in general, though I order it a lot, and their chicken was the best I’ve ever had.  I also had the quinoa salad and my son had the burger.  We enjoyed everything and will definitely go back!

News flash (Jun, 2011): Siggy’s Good Food – Brooklyn Heights – (76 Henry Street) – Haven’t been there, but am eager to try.  I looked over their menu (it looks great), and my friend Ellen loves it, so good enough for me!

News flash (Feb, 2011): Bell Book & Candle – West Village – (W. 10th between 6th & 7th Ave.) is my new favorite restaurant and I’ll write up a whole post on it soon!  Go there!  You will NOT be sorry!

  • The Green Table – Chelsea Market (15th St. and 9th Ave.) – Great place.  Miss their take out counter.
  • Simple Kitchen – Chelsea (17th St. between 8th and 9th Ave.) – I love this place. UPDATE: Simple Kitchen closed 1Q2012.  So very sorry to see it go, as (prior to the renovation, and in spite of lack of breakfast/brunch and ridiculously slow deliveries), it was one of my favorites.  A real loss!
  • Back Forty – East Village (Ave B and 12th St.) – Had Thanksgiving here, very nice.
  • Angelica Kitchen – East Village (12th St. between 1st and 2nd Ave.) – Cash only vegan – do not use a cellphone inside the restaurant.  You’ve been warned.  Great specials, good macrobiotic selection.  One of my favorite restaurants, vegetarian or otherwise.  Their cookbook is fabulous.  Bring your own containers if you go to the takeaway.
  • City Bakery – Flatiron (18th between 5th and 6th Ave.) – I see the chef at the USq Farmer’s Market.  She’s the real deal.  If you can keep yourself from overdosing on sweets here, the breakfast and lunch buffets are fabulous.  No dinner.
  • Market Table (annoying music on website – be warned!) – West Village (Carmine/Bedford) – Not positive about how local the stuff is, but it is “American Seasonal.”  Good food, a bit decadent at times.
  • Savoy – Soho (Prince/Crosby) – Great food, smaller menu, small place, romantic. UPDATE: In 1Q2012, became BackFortyWest.
  • Hundred Acres – Soho (MacDougal between Houston and Prince) – Very crowded brunch, don’t know about dinner.  Love the back room.  Hate the middle room with the photography of depressing, deteriorating interiorscapes. Yuck. I had some sort of sunchoke chips there that were the best thing I’ve ever had in my life… until I had some sort of pork salad as the next course that blew those right out of the water.  Neither is on the menu anymore, or I’d give you the proper names.
  • ABC Kitchen – Union Square (18th betw Park/Bway) – see my review.  Note: The brunch is surprisingly void of brunch-y favorites.
  • Get Fresh – Brooklyn (Park Slope) – Heard a lot of good things, and I’m eager to try it.
  • Applewood – Brooklyn (Park Slope) – Nice brunch.  Crowded.  I’d go again.

2 Responses to Farm to Table Restaurants around NYC?

  1. […] ABC Kitchen.  Big T and I went there last week and we both loved it (very rare).  It’s a farm-to-table place in ABC Home on Broadway between 18th and 19th.  ABC Kitchen is a new restaurant by Chef […]

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