What do I do with all those food delivery containers?

Many take-out and delivery containers (the black or white plastic ones with the clear lids) have the #5 recycling symbol on them.  Some yogurt containers are #5, too.  Whole Foods accepts #5 items in a specially-marked recycling container usually near the customer service desk.  This container does NOT look like a normal recycling container and is not part of the recycling containers by the seating areas or entrance/exit doors.  It is usually a tall, white plastic display stand that calls for CLEAN #5 containers ONLY.  Whole Foods ships the materials to a company called Preserve who makes toothbrushes, kitchenware and many other useful items out of them.  See http://www.preserveproducts.com/ for a picture of the recycling container they have at all Whole Foods stores and also some of their products.


3 Responses to What do I do with all those food delivery containers?

  1. […] and you can keep your compost in your kitchen in quart yogurt containers (save the #5 ones, though for Whole Foods special recycling of them) or any kind of containers you would normally […]

  2. […] Stonyfield Farm individual yogurt cups – not all of them, but some of them were on sale for 5 for $3.  (Remember to bring back those containers to Whole Foods for special recycling). […]

  3. […] Preserve 16 oz cups (10 pack) – 3.99 (reg 4.99) – see my note on Preserve […]

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