Do you know anything about raising chickens?

No.  But  Joel Salatin does.   I read about him in Omnivore’s Dilemma, and was so impressed by his whole story that I purchased his book You Can Farm and I only purchase about 3 books a year, as I love the NYPL.

And yes, I have thoughts about your plan to raise chickens (see the comment section of this post for original question).  It will be a major pain in the ass and you shouldn’t do it unless you just absolutely cannot continue to live your life without doing this.

If you haven’t already, get familiar with some local farms and/or join a CSA.  You have a house upstate, right?  If you’re near Kingston, NY, stop by Fleisher’s and see where their hens come from and check out those farms.  Visit the farm, see how the chickens are raised.  I visited Gorzynsky Ornery Farm and I saw how healthy, happy and truly free range those chickens were.  They ate greens.  Fresh greens, that were still growing.  (Gorzynsky is at the Union Square Farmer’s Market in season on Saturdays, BTW.  Too bad they don’t sell chickens… only eggs.). If you need a really good store bought egg in a pinch, I recommend The Country Hen.

Use all that extra time to perfect your egg and chicken cooking techniques.  Write that novel.  Learn to knit.  Yes, you can do all that in the time you will have saved by not raising your own chickens.  I’m not stepping on your dream.  I’m recognizing your potential.


One Response to Do you know anything about raising chickens?

  1. Amy says:

    I have thought about raising chickens, too, mostly because it seems like it would be fun and I like fresh eggs. Plus, their excrement is great to add to the compost pile! While I used to housesit for a couple who raised chickens (and had llamas and dogs and cats and a duck or two), which makes me feel like I have some perspective, I should probably at least read “You Can Farm”. If chickens eat up knitting time, that’s a big no-go.

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