Soup Thermos?

Q:  Do you have a thermos preference for carrying around teas/soups? i’m concerned about my bodum plastic being thermos being #6 plastic…aren’t the safe ones #1, 2 and 5?

I use a 10 oz Nissan Food Jar and I am happy with it.  It does not leak and it keeps my soup hot.  When I put in mac and cheese or cooked hot dogs, I put boiling water in it first, let it sit for a few minutes, drain the water and then put in the piping hot food.  The food jar is made of stainless steel (except the lid, which is plastic).  I would very much prefer glass and I would like some kind of specs on what the plastic part is made out of and if it is BPA free.

For tea, I carry it around in a washed GT Dave’s Kombucha bottle in a Built NY neoprene sleeve (which is actually built in China or Taiwan) .  Stainless steel would be a lot better, since I have to let the tea cool down quite a bit because I’m afraid of the glass breaking.  However, I can’t stand tea in stainless steel.

You are correct in being concerned about a thermos that is #6 plastic.  If the part that touches your food/drink is made out of #6 plastic, recycle it.  Do not use it.  Yes, 1, 2 and 5 are the lesser of the plastic evils.


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