How do I make good rice?

I used to think I needed to get a rice cooker for perfect rice.  The fact that I couldn’t find a rice cooker that wasn’t lined with some sort of non-stick surface held me back.  You don’t need a rice cooker for perfect rice!  This article taught me how to do it!

Glass cookware helped my confidence quite a bit, because I could see what’s going on, because you shouldn’t ever lift the lid on cooking rice.  Also, I am one of those cooks that never measures anything.  If you are also one of those cooks, just add a finger’s width more water than rice (note: I am cooking brown rice).

Cooking rice

The water comes to about a finger's width above the rice.

I usually cook my rice with kombu in it (and throw away the kombu after the rice is done cooking).  Once the rice boils in the initial stage, then I set my timer for 20-25 minutes (for brown rice) of simmer time before shutting it off.  I cut this time down by 5-10 minutes if I pre-soaked the rice for an hour or more.

The two most important things I learned were to never, ever, ever lift the lid or stir the rice once cooking begins, and to let the rice sit for at least 10 minutes (covered and off the burner and still no lid-lifting or stirring) after it is done cooking.  You should fluff the rice with a fork after that 10-15 minute resting period, but if you need to, you can cover it again and let it sit for up to an hour, if you need to.


3 Responses to How do I make good rice?

  1. Molly Hislop says:

    I should have read this before I shelled out for the fancy rice maker. The one bonus to my choice is i can pop the rice in there and leave it for the rest of the day while I am getting work done. oh well. i should read your entire archive before i buy anything else!

  2. Kelly says:

    I am not great with rice, this is very helpful!

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