More Cold and Flu Items?

Add Quantum Herbal Products Cold & Flu Formula to your list.  I have not been able to find a complete ingredient list for this product online.  The list is truncated in the same spot in every listing.  However, I’ve heard this stuff is great (and strong).  I have never tried it, because it has cayenne in it and I am allergic to peppers, but it came very highly recommended to me by someone I trust to evaluate this sort of thing (thanks, Gwendolyn!).  Just take note – there are many companies that sell this type of product that are named “Quantum.”  And, there’s a product called “Quantum Cold & Flu” that also comes in a dropper bottle, but it is not the same.  Make sure it says Quantum Herbal Products on it.


One Response to More Cold and Flu Items?

  1. […] A 1 teaspoon serving has 400 IU of Vitamin D3, 500 mg of DHA, 400 mg of EPA and 40 mg of ALA.  I try to take a tablespoon a day during cold and flu season and I feel it has a very significant cold and flu fighting effect if I get it started early enough in the season.  Speaking of cold and flu season, see what is in my sick kit and more cold and flu items. […]

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