Cleaning Glass?

2017 update: I still use this product, 7 years later, and still love it. Oh, and if you happen to be looking for replacement brushes for the Casabella Smartscrub bottle brush now that they’ve been discontinued, this is how you can find a new brush head that will fit!

I used to be perfectly content with filthy windows and mirrors because I hated cleaning them so much.  But the Casabella Microfiber Glass Cloth changed all that.  Seriously, this thing is fucking incredible.  And, the only other time I dropped the f-bomb in this blog so far is to describe my passionate love for sauerkraut, so that should tell you something.

This cloth is so amazing I can’t even believe it.  I’ve had mine for years, and I am still mollified by its awesome power.  You don’t need any glass cleaner.  For real.  JUST WATER.  Did you hear me, JUST WATER.  How sustainable is that?  And, you don’t even have to wipe until it is all dry.  Just wipe a few times.  Leave the rest of the water on the glass. NO STREAKING.  Clearly, Casabella has made a pact with the devil, because this level of housecleaning ease is simply beyond that of our human world.  Two years ago, I bought one for everyone on my Christmas gift list (all three of you).  My Mother In Law asked me for another one (and one for her sister) because she was terrified of losing hers, once witnessing its mindboggling power.  I bought one for someone at my son’s school, who regaled me with tales of its wonder after just one use.

They sell them in one-packs at Whole Foods.  I think they are $5.99 or so.


5 Responses to Cleaning Glass?

  1. Amy says:

    I bought one of these yesterday at the Boise Co-op for $4.99. It is every bit as magical as reported here! My dog leaves disgusting nose snuffles along the edges of my windows which have been impossible to remove without extensive window washing. I swiped them last night with the damp glass cloth–gone! And no streaks! Thank you for the tip.

    • syntk says:

      No problem. I’m so happy you like it and it helps with nose prints! It’s so exciting to find something that doesn’t cost a fortune and is made-a-pact-with-the-devil good.

  2. elizabeth says:

    This thing is AMAZING, I can finally see outside my windows again!

    • syntk says:

      See?! I know *you* believed me right off the bat, Elizabeth, but there have been doubters! People who say that such a glass cleaning miracle cannot exist. I say nay to you, nay-sayers! This shiznat’s the real deal!

  3. […] forgotten, my favorite Casabella product is the Casabella Glass cleaning cloth – I wrote a post (warning – I drop the Fbomb in the post due to cleaning-related exuberance) about it […]

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