Miele Dishwasher?

A friend of mine is looking at dishwashers and she asked me what I thought of mine.

I did have a Miele and I loved it, but I can totally understand how many people hate it. The good points are:

  • it’s very quiet
  • it’s extremely resource efficient (water and electricity)
  • it has that awesome flatware rack (on certain models)
  • 3 spray arms (but a lot of dishwashers have that these days)

The bad points are:

  • it’s quiet because it doesn’t have a grinder, so it doesn’t get rid of food very well (fine for me, since I neurotically rinse and scrub everything before it goes in the dishwasher because I am insane)
  • it’s made for very thin plates and doesn’t fit thicker or curved plates/bowls very well, and just forget about pots and pans — they are very hard to put in
  • cycles take forever —  I would just run them overnight

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