Iron Supplement?

Imagine my chagrin when a friend emailed me to tell me she searched my blog and there was no mention of an iron supplement!  Sorry.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Floradix or Floravit (the same as Floradix, but is yeast-free) – I like these because there are no preservatives (you have to keep them in the refrigerator and use an open bottle within 30 days), they are highly bioavailable and are non-constipating.
  • New Chapter Every Woman’s Iron Support – I like the way New Chapter does things.  It’s very holistic and comprehensive and food based.  These are non-constipating as well.  Great for travel (whereas Floradix and Floravit are not, because they require refrigeration).  However, one thing I wish was different about this particular iron product is that it had less B vitamins in it.  You need B vitamins with the iron for better absorption, but I don’t like to go overboard on B vitamins because there is a link between B vitamin supplementation and cancer, though the relationship is complex and not statistically significant.  I just like to play it safe.

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