What do I need to know about growing orchids?

The first thing you need to know is that you are a hair shy of a nut wig if you really devote yourself to growing orchids.  That being said, my best orchid, Sincea (my son names all of our plants), is in bloom right now and we’re all pretty excited.

Sincea in bloom

Sincea in bloom

I am certainly no expert, but I’ve destroyed enough orchid plants to have learned the following:

  1. Don’t ever get the leaves wet.  If they get wet, dry them off.
  2. Only water them early in the day, never at night.
  3. Water them about once a week and let all that water drain out and not sit in the bottom of the plant.  I water my orchids holding the pot over the sink.
  4. Let the orchid totally dry out between waterings.
  5. I use Peters orchid fertilizer and a tiny tub has lasted me more than five years so far.  Be very, very sparing with fertilizer.
  6. Keep the orchids far away from drafts, though they like nice air circulation.

Here are some good orchid blogs:




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