Where do you buy Thieves oil?

(Rest of question:)  I’ve looked in all the likely shops, can you only get it online? and is it worth it?!

Are you asking this question because I was spraying it all over everything and everyone on the video shoot we were on together?  You are, aren’t you?

I buy Thieves products from my friend Natasha, who is a distributor for it.

I think you can get Thieves at places like Integral Yoga (go to the one on the south side of 13th, not the food store).  Call first if you’re making a special trip.  However, if they do have it, it would be pretty expensive, I think.

Yes, I think Thieves stuff is great.  I put it in my “I’m not gonna get swine flu, no way!” kit.  However, even though I bought the oil, the mouthwash and the spray, I use the spray by FAR the most.  I love the stuff and the small bottle fits in my tiny little purse (great for whipping out at video shoots).  During my 301 final show, Gavin totally had the flu and I believe he was really contagious.  I sprayed Thieves all over me, and I did not get the flu.  Perhaps it worked, perhaps the 4 TBS of cod liver oil I take a day had something to do with it, perhaps it was coincidence.

I barely use the oil at all.  The mouthwash is totally harsh (but wonderful) and I only use it if I think I am getting sick.


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