Gifts for ages 1-6?

I’ve been coming across so many good gifts lately, that I had to get them all down someplace.

  • Topobo construction kit with kinetic memory.  Big sale at their online store right now.
  • Uno – a card game for any age.  I never get tired of playing it.
  • Ticket to Ride Game – good for whole family play – a five or six year old may have to be on a team with an older person, especially in the beginning, but kids will enjoy it whether they are on their own team, or on a team with someone else.  You have to make very strategic game play choices in this game (whether to use your turn to get more cards, capture a route or go for more destination challenges).
  • Subway map transit puzzle – another good activity for the whole family
  • Blokus or Travel Blokus or any of the many Blokus incarnations
  • Block ‘N’ Roll – really helps if you have Duplos around to go along with this
  • Legos
  • Young Cam Jansen books for 1st/2nd grade level readers
  • Level 1 Henry and Mudge or Puppy Mudge books for early readers
  • Bob Books for non-readers who want to start
  • Gifts for Girly Girls: your old costume jewelry and fancy purses
  • Ultra Tangoes
  • Set card game
  • Fun shaped hot water bottle for a kid that gets stomach aches or often has the achy-painies
  • Razor scooter
  • Jumprope – ultimately portable, great exercise, and this one can shorten to any length
  • Stockmar modeling wax – they have different size sets of this.  Great for kids who like to fidget.
  • Busy Busy Town by Richard Scarry – either the game or the book (the book seems like it is for ages 1-4)
  • Harmonica – get a real one, in the key of C for a beginner.  They have a wide variety of price points, but there are some cheap ones at guitar center
  • Connect Four (don’t need bigger than travel size)
  • Slamwich
  • Chalk – if you’re going to the playground, always have some chalk ready for when boredom strikes!
  • Jenga – especially great for 3 & 4 year olds
  • Geoblocks

You may also want to look at the page for gifts for a four year old.


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