Meal Replacements and Protein Drinks?

I haven’t tried that many, but my favorite meal replacement is Amazing Grass Amazing Meal Original Blend.  It tastes pretty bad, but makes me feel great after a work out.   My favorite protein drink is Progressive Nutritional Therapies Harmonized Protein Unflavored*.

Here is a spreadsheet comparing:

Here are products I wish I tried but haven’t so far:

*Thanks to Claire for telling me about Harmonized Protein.

2 Responses to Meal Replacements and Protein Drinks?

  1. syntk says:

    Vega Complete Whole Food Health Optimizer is on sale right now at Whole Foods until 4/27/10, I think. The 17.2 oz is normally 36.99 and is now 29.99.

  2. […] Meal (see my post on meal replacements)  – normally $36.99, now $32.99.  Individual packs on sale for […]

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