What’s Your Favorite Granola?

My favorite granola is Ola! Vanilla Almond flavor.  However, I’ve recently fallen into flavor lust with Early Bird Foods & Co Farmhand’s Choice granola, which is too delicious for me to keep stocked in the house.  It is like candy to me and I can’t be trusted to just have one serving and leave it at that.  It is a special occasion food for me, and I need to stay away from it during non-special times.

I’ve made up another food comparison spreadsheet (that y’all love so much) comparing the off-the-beaten-path granolas I’ve tried recently.  I’ve listed them with links below, but the comparison sheet will give you a lot of detail.

granola comparison


Ola! Granola

Ambrosial Granola (Anti-Oxidant Blend)

Early Bird Foods & Co

Enjoy Life

Jake Bakes

(Update Feb 2011: a few more granolas I have tried)


2 Responses to What’s Your Favorite Granola?

  1. syntk says:

    Update: I saw Jake Bakes granola in Whole Foods today – it is not oil free, as I was hoping. They do use canola oil.

  2. […]  I gave up looking for new granolas for a while after The Great Granola Search of 2010.  However, since going gluten-free, I checked out Udi’s Gluten-Free Original Granola and […]

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