Gifts for Father’s Day?

Your Dad doesn’t want socks.  Trust me on this one.  However, if he did want socks, he’d want Lorpen Innovative Technical Socks.  Your Dad probably doesn’t want that ridiculously adorable book Snog: A Puppie’s Guide to Love unless he’s either my friend Brian or a 13-year old with a curiously large collection of razor blades and twee.

If your Dad has a dry sense of humor and is surprisingly hip, he might very well enjoy My Custom Van by Michael Ian Black which is the funniest book I’ve ever read.  Because of some (hilariously) offensive content, it’s probably better purchased by a wife, as opposed to being purchased by a kid.  I actually think it would be the perfect gift for Brett, for example (Christine, take note).  Along those lines, David Cross’s I Drink For a Reason is similarly hilarious, but probably would appeal to a slightly angrier, tiny-bit-more-conservative, less-appreciative-of-surrealism-type Dad/Husband.

Perhaps your Dad is an beer-swilling badass with a penchant for bar fights.  If so, the Lucky 13 Grease Gas and Glory Devil Buckle Bottle Opener (with high-gloss Satan face) is the gift that says “Thank you for all of the love and support over the years, I value your sacrifices and great knowledge.”

Lastly, nothing says “Thank you, Dad” like a subscription to The Economist.


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