What is your favorite restaurant?

I have many, but currently, I am in restaurant love with ABC Kitchen.  Big T and I went there last week and we both loved it (very rare).  It’s a farm-to-table place in ABC Home on Broadway between 18th and 19th.  ABC Kitchen is a new restaurant by Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Phil Suarez (big, long-time fan of JGV, have no idea who this Suarez guy is).  Normally, a “shabby chic” decor makes me want to cut myself and others, but I didn’t have a problem with the room or the bar.  The sustainability factor probably settled me down a bit.  And, well, the food… the food was spectacular.  Warning: the menu on the site is not the menu we had when we went for dinner.  Since they source pretty much everything locally and seasonally, it changes quite a bit.

Here’s what we had:

  • Some sort of Merlot from Long Island ($13) – it was so good, I ordered a second one (extremely rare for me).
  • Ramp Toast ($9) – only available one more week!  So good, we should have ordered two.  Ramp butter, pickled ramps and goat cheese and some sort of other manna from heaven on perfect bread.  OMG.
  • Fiddleheads ($9) – sweet baby Jesus, I love fiddleheads, and they aren’t around for much longer either!
  • Shaved Fluke ($13) – sort of a ceviche with grapefruit.  It was good, but I could have skipped this one or replaced it with something else, because there were so many mind-blowing dishes.
  • Sugarsnap Salad ($12) – would have liked two of these.  I love sugarsnaps, and yet, I could not begin to imagine how good this salad would be.  It was small, but so perfect and flavorful.
  • Cavatelli Entree ($24) – I think this was a special.  It had delicious, almost crispy shredded pork in it, with (maybe) fava beans and fresh peas.  Delicious!
  • Four Story Hills Pork ($24) – Solid dish, tender meat (considering it was pork — something I can never seem to get right with pork – mine is always tough).

Also, our waitress (#126) was nice, quick, knowledgeable and helpful.  I can’t say enough good things about this place.  I just really, really wish they served brunch.


3 Responses to What is your favorite restaurant?

  1. Natasha says:

    We love it too!!!! Shocker, I know. Have eaten there twice and had fully satisfied taste buds both times. Not sure we loved their dessert but can’t remember what we had. Their cocktails are also worth a try (Gavin likes them). Speaking of dessert, tried your recipe for key lime mousse – loved it!! I’ve been meaning to experiment as well, but of course haven’t had a chance, so am very happy that you did. I used coconut oil instead of Irish Moss and almonds instead of cashews and it still came out great. BTW, Integral Yoga sells frozen Coconut Meat from the same company that sells that amazing Coconut water (that’s not pasteurized & is organic).

  2. syntk says:

    Thanks for the tips! Hey, the New York Times reviewed ABC Kitchen today:

  3. […] Kitchen – Union Square (18th betw Park/Bway) – see my review.  Note: The brunch is surprisingly void of brunch-y […]

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