July 27, 2010

I love vanilla, but I am frustrated by the lack of pure vanilla that can be found easily in stores.  I can find vanilla beans, sure, but they’re terribly inefficient, don’t you think?  But other than that, vanilla always seems to be in a sugar, alcohol or glycerin base.  I used to pick up pure vanilla in a jar whenever I would go to Europe, and wondered why can’t I find that stuff here?

Well, yesterday I was at the Tribeca Whole Foods (alias my vacation home) and to my delight, I found 100% vanilla powder from Love Street Living Foods.  It was in the raw food section.  The jars are very small (1 oz), so you really have to look for it.  The only ingredient is “Organic ground vanilla beans from Madagascar.”

In the event you can’t find it in a store, and you’re interested, the information on the jar says and the phone number is 412.381.1867.


NYC day camp?

July 15, 2010

I absolutely love Robofun / Vision Education and Media.  They run camps and after school programs for ages 6-10 in Lego robotics, video game programming and animation/claymation.  The subject matter is fascinating and great for kids who are into such things, but this place really excels because of its staff.  I’ve talked to a lot of camp personnel in my day, and Robofun personnel are the most engaged (I like everyone there a great deal, but Maria and Isaac stand out to me the most for their caring and going above and beyond for the kids).  The people there LOVE what they are doing and their passion and enthusiasm really rubs off on the kids.  I cannot say enough good things about the place.

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