Where can my kid get a good ab workout?

Union Square Park Playground – the big silver orb.  This blog post has great pictures of it.  The object is to climb to the top of the orb, and the worse you are at it, the more of a work out you’ll get.  My kid took about 10 or 12 tries to get up it, and he woke up with sore abs this morning, so the workout component was inadvertent, but effective.  It took me about 25 tries to get up it, and my abs are a little sore, but my lower lats and traps are barking (I had to pull myself up a lot more than he did, and I obviously weigh more).  Also, during my 25 tries, I was breathing fairly heavily, so there was a good cardio component there, too, I’m sure.

NOTE: One of the major complaints of this playground is that the silver orb gets ridiculously hot in the sun, and the complainers are right.  Recently, there was a shade put up over the orb and it really helps.  I was there yesterday, in full sun, at around 2 p.m. and it had to be around 90 degrees, and there was definitely enough shade on the orb.


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