Green tea?

UPDATE (7/2013): TeaGschwender that was next to the Rockefeller Center Lego store closed at least a year ago, maybe more.  Sorry, I don’t often go back and re-read my old posts, but when I do, I try to correct what I see as incorrect or outdated info.  BTW: my favorite green tea right now is Clouds and Mist green tea, which is from China (there are many different brands of it).  I had a hard time finding a Chinese green tea I liked because I like the leaves steamed as opposed to roasted, so I like a Sen Cha style of tea.

ORIGINAL POST: I just tried a new green tea I loved – the Japan Kabusecha Organic from TeaGschwendner. It was a recommendation from a very knowledgeable salesperson at the Rockefeller Center store (next to the Lego store). He recommended I brew it at 140-150 degrees F, and he was absolutely right. This tea is so subtle and delicate, yet intensely flavorful.

Another tea entry is here.

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