Raw food around town?

I just came from The Juice Press in the East Village and I was very pleasantly surprised by the raw food I got.  I got the 8 piece ravioli on a bed of kale with basil sauce for $12, the chia breakfast pudding for $7, the raw oatmeal for $6, raw acai berry banana nut mix (sort of pudding-y) for $8 and cheese cake (raw and vegan, like everything else I’m mentioning here) for $10.  I tried everything, but the only thing I finished so far was the ravioli, but it is all completely delicious.  And it’s all organic.  I wholeheartedly approve!  (Natasha, I know how you are about chia seeds, trust me, you will really love this pudding, even though it is not a “hot breakfast,” and BoJojo (Joe B.) — check this place out if you haven’t already.)

Also, I think it goes without saying, I really like One Lucky Duck and Pure Food and Wine.  Their desserts run a little too sweet for me, but their stuff is great, especially the vegetable wraps and tiramisu, and there’s a takeaway location in Chelsea Market, as well as the restaurant and takeaway in Gramercy.

Lifethyme has a good selection of raw food (both prepared, and raw food grocery), as does Integral Yoga.  Both are in the west village.


4 Responses to Raw food around town?

  1. Joe Bonacci says:

    Raw food places in NYC are a-m-a-z-i-n-g. They’re all so, I want to say understandably, expensive though. $7 for chia seed pudding seems a bit overpriced; they’re better be lots of other good stuff in there. I make mine with macca, stevia, BUTT LOADS of berries, almond milk and mushroom extract. I will definitely check this place out. Can you sit there or is it strictly take out? Lifethyme is God’s gift to health food junkies. I take my huge honkin’ tray of food upstairs and plop myself down for the best meals of my life.

    • syntk says:

      I just found your comment in the junk filter! I don’t know why, but that’s why it posted so late. That place is strictly take out, but they have benches out front and there’s a park across the street.

  2. Joe Bonacci says:

    I left a comment here, but then it didn’t show up when I hit post…long story short, or short story which actually isn’t that long; i’m retyping it now.

    This place looks great. Can you dine in there? We have to check out rockin’ raw in williamsburg, brooklyn some time. $7 for chia seed pudding sounds a little high though at the juice press, i’m curious what’s in it. I love making me some of that at home, with a ton of berries and hidden super food deliciousness. I just bought Cleanse & Purify Thyself, Book 1 at Integral Yoga. That store has a fantastic selection.

  3. syntk says:

    I will totally check out Rockin’ Raw with you! Let me know if there are any new revelations in that book.

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