Alert: Whole Foods Sale

Sales noticed during visit to Tribeca Whole Foods today (I think they’re going on until 9/21/10):

Ezekiel Cereal – $4.99 a box (not a bad price)

Chobani yogurt 4-packs – I think they were 2 for $6 or $3 each (maybe?)  There were two flavor packs.  I don’t remember the berry oriented one, but the other one was chocolate/banana, which they were out of when I was there.

Stonyfield Farm individual yogurt cups – not all of them, but some of them were on sale for 5 for $3.  (Remember to bring back those containers to Whole Foods for special recycling).

Boneless, skinless chicken breast – $2.99 per pound.  Here’s how to make your own chicken fingers, if you are interested.

Bag of local, NY apples 89¢ per pound.  Pie time!!!

Organic, fresh baked ciabatta bread – 99¢ each.  I don’t tend to eat a whole lot of bread, so I cut this up into single serving chunks and put it back in the bag they sell it in, close that tightly and then put that inside another paper bag and freeze it.  Gentle heat to thaw it keeps it nice when you’re ready to eat it.

BIG NEWS:  On Tuesday, 9/21 only, they will have fresh wild coho salmon from the US fillet for $7.99 a pound.  I am so there!


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