Down comforter?

I absolutely love Down Factory.  I cannot recommend them highly enough.  Love them!  I have three of their comforters, one of which is about six years old now, and the others are about 4 years old.  None are even close to needing to be replaced.  I have had other down comforters in the past, but they lost feathers after a while and they didn’t last more than about 2 years.  My comforters still have plenty of loft, and they’re able to be machine washed in hot without losing feathers or becoming damaged.  Also, their customer service is fabulous – they’re such nice people!  I know I totally sound like a commercial, but I just had to wash a comforter tonight and that reminded me how amazing they are.  Thank you, Down Factory!  I love you guys!


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  1. […] readers, do you remember me going on and on about how much I loved my Down Factory comforters?  Well, October is sale month at Down Factory (I just got an email about it), so if you’ve […]

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