What do you think about the “chocolate milk after a work out” craze?

I think it’s complete insanity.

In my humble opinion, the “science” behind it is EXTREMELY suspect, given this recent New York Times article about “Dairy Management” a government-created agency whose mission is to “increase dairy consumption.”  When you read this article (and you should), especially focus on page 3, where it talks about a study conducted by Jean Harvey-Berino,  chairwoman of the University of Vermont’s Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences.  Her research, even though it was paid for by Dairy Management, couldn’t support the findings the marketing group was promoting.  According to the article, she was threatened.  Other well-regarded scientists couldn’t confirm the findings either.  The marketing campaign of dairy as a health-promoting nutritional choice continued.

Here’s an interesting quote from page 3 of that same article:

Meanwhile, Dairy Management, which allotted $12.4 million for nutrition research in 2008, has moved on to finance studies on promising opportunities, including the promotion of chocolate milk as a sports recovery drink and the use of cheese to entice children into eating healthy foods like string beans

(from “While Warning About Fat, U.S. Pushes Cheese Sales,” by Michael Moss, The New York Times, originally published 11/06/2010)


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