Leather cleaner?

Natasha, I’ve been thinking about your water-stained purse all week, and I finally figured it out!  I’m sorry I forgot all about this stuff when you originally asked me about it.  Lexol is the stuff you should try.  You can buy it at any shoe repair place.  It’s about $6-8 a bottle.  Lexol has a leather cleaner (in the orange little jug) and leather conditioner (in the little brown jug).  I have used the leather conditioner many times and it does clean the leather as well.  I would think the conditioner will do the trick on your purse.  Just shake very, very well before opening and apply LIBERALLY.  I practically pour this stuff on my leather, but you should try a little bit at first, like a sensible person would.  Ignore my leather conditioning abandon!  Rub it in a ton and then buff it.  It’s great stuff.  Plus, it doesn’t smell toxic to me.  Many other leather conditioners do.

I must thank you for asking me about a leather cleaner, because your question made me buy a new jug of Lexol and condition my boots and jacket. I don’t ride anymore, but because of Lexol, they still look good even after 20+ years.

These days are over.

These days are over.

Granted, I’ve never taken a spill in them, but they did survive a particularly brutal late-80s Jane’s Addiction show, the Metallica AJFA Tour, Monsters of Rock (at least 2 shows), that legendary Faith No More / Voivod / Soundgarden show at the Ritz, Rollins Band stagediving, a few CMJ Marathons, a mosh pit that included members of Biohazard and Last Crack and working in the music industry.  I’m just saying.


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