Good crepe place?

I like Bar Suzette in Chelsea Market because the ingredients are fresh and delicious and wherever possible, sourced locally,  cooked meats are cooked sous-vide, there are sweet and savory options, there are many delicious combinations to choose from, and for a “fast food” option, it’s healthy and not very resource-intensive (eco friendly).  I love Bar Suzette because it is very kid-friendly and they also have a gluten-free crepe!

Gluten Free Crepe

Gluten Free Crepe

I have had their bresaola crepe, their smoked salmon crepe and their heirloom squash crepe.


Heirloom Squash Crepe

Heirloom Squash Crepe with three sauces (dijonnaise, pesto and balsamic glaze).


I have eaten at Bar Suzette prior to eating gluten-free so I’ve tried (and liked) both versions of their crepes.  My son has had the nutella crepe and a regular chese crepe, and my husband has had many of these plus the chicken sausage crepe.  We unanimously agree that we’ve loved everything we’ve gotten there and that Bar Suzette is our favorite crepe place in NYC and one of our favorite places to eat in general.

Be forewarned:  it is cash-only, and the bathrooms are in a different part of Chelsea Market.  Also, Bar Suzette is merely an open counter, not an enclosed restaurant.  You can eat on the run or sit at any of the community tables (or large window seats) in the area.  I’ve never found seating to be a problem.


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