Try any new granolas lately?

Yes!  I gave up looking for new granolas for a while after The Great Granola Search of 2010.  However, since going gluten-free, I checked out Udi’s Gluten-Free Original Granola and Gluten-Free Au Naturel Granola.  They’re good tasting, but just a little too sweet for me.  In a 1/4 c (30g), there are 7 g of sugars and 3g of protein and the sweetener is wildflower honey in the latter and wildflower honey and sugar in the former.

But the real winner is a granola I picked up today at Lifethyme.  [Natasha, I know you’re going to look for it, so it’s on the granola shelves, by the freezer that is in the produce section area, either bottom or next-to-bottom shelf.]  It’s Aimee’s Livin’ Magic Livin’ Sprouted Granola.  It was 14.59 for an 8 oz. bag (at Lifethyme), so it’s not cheap, but it is AMAZING!  Seriously.  You have got to try this granola!  I just ate two bowls of it, I love it so much.  It’s 100% raw and sprouted, organic, gluten-free and sugar-free.  The sweeteners are yacon syrup and stevia.   Oddly, there is no nutritional information on the package, so I can’t give you any stats.  Hopefully, they will have some on their site soon.


3 Responses to Try any new granolas lately?

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  2. Molly Hislop says:

    I am surprised that with all the things you make yourself that you dont make your own granola. I just made some that I ate WAY too fast with oats, nuts, almond butter and some dried fruit.

  3. syntk says:

    Note: I just found this granola for $12.99 at Westerly Market in Manhattan. (Jan, 2012) Oh, and BTW – Westerly has renovated and it’s pretty AWESOME.

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