What should I do with all the artwork my kids bring home?

When your child comes home, take a picture of your child with the art.  That way, you’ll be able to at least roughly identify his or her age just by sight, (original file information is not always maintained).  Also, you’ll feel a lot better about getting rid of the artwork later if you have some sort of record of it elsewhere.  For paintings and drawings and other two dimensional art, a large portfolio for each school  year works well to store the art work.

For three dimensional sculptures and projects, again, take the picture when it enters your home.  Then, have one shelf/surface devoted to display of the art.  When there is no more room on that surface, have your child help to decide which art gets given away or otherwise recycled.  Unloading Giving art projects on to grandparents and other unsuspecting family members is convenient nice.  If it is especially loved, take many pictures of the item before passing it along.

After a year or so has passed, start raiding the less important paintings from your child’s younger years and wrap birthday and holiday presents in them.  Doing this saves you the expense, resource depletion and trouble of procuring wrapping paper, decreases your stash and makes your gifts look “festive.”


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