What should I do with all the crap I want to get rid of?

Spring cleaning!  What a joyful time to be reminded of what a lazy hoarder you’ve been!  Maybe that’s just me.  I don’t know.

If you’re facing roomfuls of crap that you need to get rid of, here are some ideas:

  • Electronic waste: The Lower East Side Ecology Center holds electronic recycling events all around NYC (google Electronic waste to find out about events outside of the city), and this spring, you can even get ZipCar driving credit (see the bottom of the electronic recycling events page).
  • Clothes: Drop them off at Uniqlo (546 Broadway between Spring and Prince, 917-237-8811) and drop off clothing to be donated.  They have bright yellow boxes for Japan relief donations. (I would have mentioned clothing donations for midwest tornado and storm victims, but I read reports that what they are running out of space to store all the clothes they received – donate money!)
  • Women’s interview-appropriate apparel – Dress for Success is a very well-respected charity that helps women.
  • Clothing and toiletries – Occasionally, Swishpride, a gay-straight alliance that helps the LGBT community has collection events to gather clothes and toiletries.  I met some representatives from the group when they were collecting for Sylvia’s Place (an emergency shelter for LGBT youth, and worthy charity in it’s own right) one spring Saturday this year and was impressed by their work and energy.  Sign up for their email list to find out more.
  • Clothing and textiles – usable and unusable – see GrowNYC.  They have textile collection at a variety of farmers markets around the NYC area.
  • Everything else – Join a Yahoo Freecycle group (here is the NYC Freecycle Group) and post what you have to offer on a local board (see how others do it to get the hang of it) and before you know it, someone will offer to come pick it up.  Make the arrangements with the person via email, and have your stuff taken away!  I’ve gotten rid of a wide variety of things through Freecycle, and I highly recommend it.

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