Organic housewares and linens?

I love Lifekind for bedding, towels, mattresses, pillows, linens, furniture, baby stuff, laundry stuff, bath stuff, etc.  I have ordered from them for years (at least 7) and I wrote a post a year ago extolling the virtues of their mattresses and pillows, but I thought it was worth repeating, because 1.) I love them so much, and 2.) they have a discount code “SUMMER11” for 10% off when you order online.  I don’t know how long that code will last, but it worked for me (I just ordered some pillowcases).

Many things about Lifekind impress me.

  • Their customer service is excellent.  They have intelligent and helpful people manning the phone.
  • When you tell them to keep you off the mailing list, they do it (unlike most other catalog companies).
  • Their stuff is VERY well made (yes, it’s definitely not cheap, but worth every penny, imho).
  • They’ll send samples of materials for allergy testing (not that I have had to use this, but it’s an awesome idea!)
  • A lot of their stuff is American made (my recent pillowcases are!) and it’s a good idea to support American manufacturing, especially high-quality American manufacturing, such as what Lifekind sources.
  • They make their own mattresses, and they make them to order.  If you need anything customized, it’s no problem.  You aren’t getting something that’s been sitting around in a warehouse.
Lastly, if you are interested, one particular thing that is on sale in their summer sale is the Organic Cotton Hooded Youth Robe in size 4/5 discounted from $69 to $34.50 (plus that 10% discount, which I assume would work on it).  I bought my son that robe years ago and it’s very well made.  Recently, I passed it along to a friend with a younger child, and I think it looked like it was still new.

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