Where did you get your appliances?

I purchased my appliances from Andrew Roehrig at Gringer and Sons in Commack, NY (on Long Island).  His phone number is 631-813-2400.

Andrew at Gringer

Andrew at Gringer, with my new steam oven.

I was very happy with the service I got from Andrew, and the prices were very reasonable.  I went out to Gringer on Long Island to see what was in stock and to make my final purchase (refrigerator, oven, steam oven, dishwasher, washer and dryer).  I was pleased with the selection and it was one of the few areas of my life where everything went smoothly.  I highly recommend him, and I’m saying that because he did a good job.  I received no discounts or consideration of any kind based on this blog post or referrals.  I just know that some of my readers may need appliances someday, and I’d like them to have a good, efficient experience.  You’re welcome!


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