How can I access old email in Yahoo when I keep getting an Error Code: 44?

You too, huh?  Every time I search for an old (even two weeks old) email, I get this when I try to open it:


Hitting “retry” merely leads to this Error Code: 44 again and again.  This has been the case for at least a week.


I’ve cleared my cache, quit my browser and restarted.  I still can’t open an email I find through a search.

The only way I can get to that email is to clear my cache, quit my browser, open Yahoo mail again and scroll through the inbox to get to the message without using the search feature.  If I click on the message that way, it opens.  It’s awkward and a waste of time, I know, but when you really need that older email and there’s no other way to get it, this might work for you.


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