Rain gear?

I wanted gaiters for years, and was paralyzed by the staggering number of brands and features.  Finally, this summer, I purchased a pair of Outdoor Research’s Women’s Crocodiles from Backcountry.com out of fear of a very rainy vacation.  As is usually the case when I plan for the worst, my vacation had nothing but sunny days and beautiful weather.  However, I was perfectly prepared for the rain we had in NYC today.

My new gaiters!

I am probably wearing them incorrectly, but still, these new gaiters made running errands in a downpour a lot more comfortable! No wet pant-bottoms! No rain going in my boots!

New gaiters!

Because there is a strap that runs under your shoe, you need a little bit of a heel to wear them, so I can’t wear them with my waterproof sneakers. Those are Vasque hiking boots, for those keeping score at home!

I got a whole new rain outfit for my son, and I’ve been really happy with what I got for him:

I have been checking out umbrellas, and I haven’t found the perfect one yet, but what I have found is that you should avoid umbrellas that have an “auto close” feature.  All that means is that a button collapses the umbrella spines, but I find them significantly harder to compress into final closing than a non-automatic closing umbrella!  Currently, I am testing a Knirps umbrella from Germany, which is preternaturally lightweight, but supposedly lasts forever.  Let me tell you, for the price, it better last forever!  Ugh.

Currently, I use 66 Degrees North ski pants as rain pants (which I am happy with) and a 66 Degrees North rain jacket (which I am not happy with – it leaks).  I was very happy with the child’s rain jacket and pants from 66 Degrees North, but my son grew out of them.

I plan on testing a Knirps Wind Trench Coat when I can get my hands on one.

One more thing I need to add to my rain repertoire is a waterproof backpack cover.  I have no ideas for that so far.  Suggestions welcome!

2 Responses to Rain gear?

  1. tonymariani says:

    They look like they are worn properly. I wear them doing cross country skiing. Good idea for rain protection.

  2. syntk says:

    Thanks! I hope I am wearing them right. I think the real test will be when I traipse through over a foot of snow! Hopefully, we’ll get it this year. Last year’s warm winter was comfortable, but a bit of a drag. I love snow!

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