What’s that egg dish you always make for brunches?

Swiss Cheese Scramble

Swiss Cheese Scramble, all set up, just before the final baking.

I’m so glad you liked it! My dear friend Liz’s Mom Barbara introduced me to this recipe.  When I ate it at her house, I thought it was the greatest brunch dish I had ever tasted.  That was probably 20 years ago!  I still love it. It’s rich and decadent, but normal enough to have mass appeal.  Here is a link to the basic recipe, with my changes below:

  • I use 3/4 of a lb of bacon, not a full pound.
  • I use 2 cups of bread cubes, not 1 cup.
  • I don’t add salt additional salt.  I think it’s salty enough.
  • I use a little bit less than the quarter cup of butter to scramble the eggs.
  • I use a little more than 4 Tbs butter to melt into the breadcrumbs.  I know the recipe says “tsp,” but that must be incorrect.  Nobody measures butter in teaspoons.  They probably meant tablespoons.
  • I usually use heavy cream instead of milk, but when I do use whole milk, I add an ounce of mascarpone cheese.  Creme fraiche would be good, too.
  • I mix the bread cubes, the scrambled eggs, chopped bacon all together, and I add 2 Tbs of spicy mustard to this mixture to increase the “depth of flavor.”  One of the commenters on the above recipe mentioned it, and it’s a good idea!
  • I don’t use anywhere near a pound of cheese.  More like 4 oz of very thinly sliced swiss cheese.  I make a layer of egg mixture on the bottom, but a layer of swiss cheese, then put the rest of the egg mixture on top.  I do not sprinkle shredded cheese on top.
  • I like the topping a lot, so I use at least a cup and a half of breadcrumbs, preferably panko breadcrumbs.  I make sure they are coated in the melted butter (you don’t need an insane amount of butter, you just need to stir it a lot), and then I add a handful of chopped fresh parsley.  I think the green makes it look more festive.  I mix it all in the pot I melt the butter in (saves a bowl to wash).
  • The 9×13 baking pan is a good size, but do not go any smaller.  Mine is a little larger (10×16) and it’s ok.  I use a bodum 118oz lasagne dish with silicone lid (do not pay more than about $30 for one of these, BTW!).

NOTE: this recipe takes a lot longer to make than what they estimate in the recipe.  They say the prep time is 10 minutes, which indicates to me that they are drunk on cheap wine.  It takes more than 20 minutes just to cook the bacon.  Also, it takes me about 20 minutes just to scramble the eggs (and make sure they are only scrambled soft because you bake the whole dish the next day).  The rest of the prep takes about 10 minutes.  Then you have to cool it all down before you put it away in the fridge for the night, then you have to bake it the next day (the 40 minutes they list for this is accurate).


2 Responses to What’s that egg dish you always make for brunches?

  1. Amy says:

    I made a version of this for a work holiday potluck–where my coworkers ate every bite. Thanks!

    • syntk says:

      That’s great! I actually bought this Pyrex Portable baking dish, because the lid and the case make it so much easier to bring this dish somewhere. I make it for every brunch event (and for dinner events, I make this).

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