Alert: NYC Shredfest 2013!

The 2013 NYC Shredfest is on Sunday, May 19 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.  I dare anyone to try and find me a better NYC Department of Sanitation event!  People, don’t even try, because you can’t.  Already I am walking lighter, with a song in my heart, now that this year’s date, time and location are in my google calendar.  If you’re going paperless like I am (yes, it’s taking me longer than I thought!), Shredfest is a godsend!  So is fermented cod liver oil, but for different reasons.


2 Responses to Alert: NYC Shredfest 2013!

  1. David Pinero says:

    You know – before I came here I took a heap of paper receipts, bills, and other assorted evidence of my deeds that I didn’t want just sitting in the bin waiting for identity thieves, and threw them in a bin of hot water. A few hours later I had created a single undecipherable mass that, once dried out, was suitable for discard. At the same time I worry I created a chemical concoction from all the various inks that might explain nervous twitches since then.

    • Alison Syntk says:

      Wow, Dave! That’s a hardcore (and hilarious) solution for people that aren’t lucky enough to have a shredfest near their home. I should have known if anyone had the right security-conscious way of dealing with sensitive material, it would be you! Awesome!

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