Update on Xavier, 9.24.16

Seems like people like to see what’s going on with my avocado tree, Xavier.  Here he is, September 24, 2016. I didn’t see buds this year, but he seems healthy and strong. I know we are going to see major leaf drop this fall, like we always do!



2 Responses to Update on Xavier, 9.24.16

  1. Jenny says:

    My avocado has some leaves with tips turning brown, others with pin size holes, and some with sticky residue. Any ideas / suggestions?

    • Alison Syntk says:

      Hi Jenny. Sorry about the delay. I have no idea about the sticky residue, but could be some sort of pest? Search for some way of natural pest control on an avocado tree – perhaps some sort of homemade spray with dishwashing liquid and garlic? I’m not recommending that, I’m just saying I heard that those types of sprays are good for those sorts of things. But consult an expert. Good luck!

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