Where can I find replacement brushes / heads for the Casabella Smart Scrub bottle brush?

I found a replacement that works for these discontinued replacement heads!  The heads fit onto the stem of the Casabella dishwashing brush, and they’re cheaper than what Casabella used to charge!!!  I’ve used the heads now for over a month (and I do dishes at least a few times a day), and they’ve been great!

The replacement heads / refills are the Munchkin 2-piece Shine Stainless Steel bottle brush refills.  They sell on Amazon for $4.49 for two (cheaper than one of the Casabella ones used to be!).  I’ve shown the two brushes below, so you can see the Casabella (green) one is much longer than the Munchkin.  For me, I need the length to wash bottles that are bigger.  But I ordered the full bottle brush from Munchkin, just in case the replacement heads didn’t fit, so I would still be able to use the new brush.  Now, you don’t have to!


The Casabella brush is all gross in the photo because I’ve just been using it to scrub really dirty pots and pans before I wash them – I couldn’t bear to get rid of it until I found a replacement.


They have a similar-enough screw-on base to work!


This is the way the Munchkin refill fits on the Casabella stem.


3 Responses to Where can I find replacement brushes / heads for the Casabella Smart Scrub bottle brush?

  1. […] 2017 update: I still use this product, 7 years later, and still love it. Oh, and if you happen to be looking for replacement brushes for the Casabella Smartscrub bottle brush now that they’ve been discontinued, this is how you can find a new brush head that will fit! […]

  2. […] UPDATE: If you’re looking for replacement brushes to the Casabella Smart Scrub Bottle Brush, here is a link to show how you can get a brush that fits, now that Casabella has discontinued their own refills! Also, I don’t order from Casabella […]

  3. Lisette says:

    You’re a life saver! I bought the brush as a gift for so many people and when they needed a replacement head, they were no more. Embarrassing. I’ve hung onto a few of there’s with the hopes of stumbling upon the heads at tjmaxx or something like that. I’m ordering 5 boxes of these in case they get discontinued haha thanks a bunch!

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