About Me

My name is Alison.  I like to cook and eat. Other than keeping busy with family life, most of my energy goes toward food procurement, processing and consumption, but I’ve got a little left over for making music, knitting, improv, and being a tidal wave of metal, fists and venom.

Food I eat is at Yummy Fixins.
Books I read are at GoodReads.
Music I make is at Soundcloud.

Here are some other things I like:

Bacon, Lego, clouds and mist green tea, my gym, Goatbutter, construction, 70’s and 80’s metal, graphene, Haruki Murakami, Meaningfül Touch, macrobiotics, Metalocalypse, ventilation and refrigeration, short ribs, The Economist, KD Lang, raw sauerkraut, osteopathy, The Quitters, Liberals, my own guacamole, math, Lost, Neal Stephenson, torch songs, Tara Copeland, low-voltage wiring, prosciutto, general infrastructure, Mandarin, pop physics, Claude Bragdon, hot water with lemon, artichokes, Venture Brothers, Pilates, Mercola, grass-fed beef, Kipling, specifically the poem “If,” which I recite dramatically in the steam room when no one is there.

This is what I listened to (not updated any time recently)


15 Responses to About Me

  1. elizabeth says:

    question for you! do you compost? do you have any practical tips for urban composting?

  2. elizabeth says:

    more questions! where do you buy thieves oil? i’ve looked in all the likely shops, can you only get it online? and is it worth it?!

  3. Ventis Plume says:

    One year ago I rooted an avocado nut without cracking. It has grown almost 20 inches in one year but slowed down because its leaves started to drying. Terminal still keeps growing. Room temp at 66 or 67 F. I live in Alaska. You have a great plant.

  4. Roberta says:

    May be duplicate quest: how tall/old does the avocado tree have to be to get blooms/fruit? Thanks

  5. wellsmachine says:

    Go Team Venture!
    Just started my first Avacado tree – now about 6″ tall. It’s autumn in here in the UK but the sapling is in a sunny position in the kitchen. I’m not sure if it will survive the winter but I will persevere. I will prune as you suggest. If mine lokks anywhere near as good as Xavier I would be very very happy!

    • Alison Syntk says:

      Hi Wellsmachine! Glad you have a successful avocado tree, and that you like the Venture Brothers! YAY! How is your tree doing now? I am about to post an update on Xavier right now! (I’m writing it today!)

      • wellsmachine says:

        My tree is doing well and I have another naturally cracked stone which seems to be on it’s way to producing our second tree.I’m hoping to cultivate indoors as our climate in Nottingham UK is no where near warm enough to produce fruit outdoors. I will try to produce a many plants as possible as no one is commercially growing in the UK.

  6. tonymariani says:

    Glad to see you’re still at it.

  7. Mary says:

    Thank you. Love your avocado posts. Hi, xavier! I am growing two avocado seeds by the window (2.5 weeks old) but I am just wondering, do you live in a tropical or cold country? I am up here in Sweden and soon it will be autumn. I’m afraid they might not survive. If you live in a cold country, then i will be very hopeful. Thank you so much.

    • Alison Syntk says:

      Hi Mary! Thanks for reading. I live in Northeastern United States, so while we get cold winters (nothing like some parts of Sweden! I’m looking at you, Jukkasjarvi!), we have warm to hot summers. I’ll try to post a recent photo of Xavier and his very healthy little brother (who I haven’t named yet) soon. Happy growing!

  8. Mary says:

    Oh sorry. I read more of your posts. You have winter, too. That makes me hopeful. Thank you. More updates on xavier please. 😀

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