Reusable water bottle?

February 10, 2010

I use the bottle from GT Dave’s Kombucha and keep it in a Built NY neoprene bottle holder called the Thirsty Tote.   Kombucha is delicious (my favorite flavor is cranberry), is good for you, and apparently helped Alexandr Solzhenitsyn  survive slave camp.  How many of your wimpy-ass soda pops can claim that?  Yeah, I thought so.  Plus, you get to keep that nice, toxin-free glass bottle for re-use?  You can’t lose.

For workouts (because I need more than the 16 oz of a kombucha bottle), I use one of those brown flip-top beer bottles.  It’s from some brand I bought from Whole Foods, but the label wore off a long time ago.  I cover that one in the 20 oz tote.

I must mention that even though the neoprene sleeve brand name is “Built NY,” it is built in Taiwan.  Otherwise, I really like it.

Update 3/24/11:  Just found a new glass bottle I really like!  See my post about Life Factory bottles!

Update 9/29/12: My new favorite kombucha flavor is Synergy (GT Dave) Trilogy.

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