March 2007 Thoughts on Lost

April 28, 2019


Seeing this tweet from @RobynElyse made me go back and look up my files on Lost, and I found this gem (date on the file on my computer is March 13, 2007).  I posted it to under the user name chak around this time.  Unfortunately, the Wayback Machine didn’t crawl through individual pages, so I don’t know where I could find an archive of the actual post/responses.  Fortunately, I wrote it on my computer, so I have the file itself.

The Others are from the Future

I am just working out this theory, so forgive me if it is a bit (a lot) scattered.

I think The Others (at least the ones in charge) are from the future.  Their purpose is to change events in the past that have most significantly contributed to the apocalyptic downfall of the human race, toward which the people of their (home) time are precipitously facing. 

The others are telling the truth on many counts.  They are, in fact, “the good guys.”  They are working for the greater good – they are attempting to save the human race.  Unfortunately, their methods may be seen as detrimental at best, from certain individual perspectives.  Ben has lived on the island his whole life.  It is where he was born and raised, as it is one of the last bastions of human existence during the time he is from. 

When the contingent from his home time (let’s call them The Omegas – in reference to P.D. James’ Children of Men) decided to send some people back to fix the problems of the past, they implemented a protocol of (let’s call it) Fate Management, whereby the minimal amount of change to the present (our present) should be allowed to achieve the maximum positive impact in the future.  To follow this supremely important protocol, The Others would need to stay in a relatively deserted, enclosed and remote place and not interact or communicate with the majority of mankind.  All of their actions would theoretically need to be very rigorously controlled (I say “theoretically because we know they have some loose cannons on their team).  They would need to attract or bring the people (see Note 1 below) most responsible for the occurrences that contributed to the downfall of man to that “disconnected” place (instead of searching them out on their home turf where inadvertent changes to irrelevant occurrences would be more likely – see Note 2 below) and somehow change their ability to cause or contribute to those occurrences.  Also, it is much more energy efficient (and safer) for The Omegas to send The Others back in time to the same location they are already on.  They know from their own history that the island was remote and relatively disconnected from the rest of the world, except for the top-secret DHARMA initiative. 

The DHARMA initiative was also trying to save mankind, but from the other direction.  They were trying to change things currently, to help everyone in the future.  The Omegas knew from history that DHARMA, with all their good intentions, actually accelerated and magnified the impact of the occurrences that led eventually to the downfall.  The Others not only needed to selectively sabotage many of the DHARMA initiatives, but they also needed components of the DHARMA advanced (for the time) technology to use to communicate with The Omegas across time.  They needed to continually check: Have things changed enough for us to consider the mission accomplished?  Do we need to adapt our strategy to new inputs? 

Because a tiny change in the present can cause monumental and quantum change in the future, they needed to check as often and as regularly as they could, while still working within the confines of the power, technology and time available.  That is why the button had to be pushed every 108 minutes.  The button pushing (even when it was done by people who had no idea of its purpose) facilitated two major functions.  1. The energy field around the island was maintained (so that the past and future could maintain a subspace connection – perhaps manifested in current time as an electromagnetic anomaly and also so the present island would be rendered nearly invisible to the present world AND The Omega team would also be temporally disconnect from – but aware of – their own world – see Note 3).  2. The simultaneous bi-directional communication would be sent and received (the questions would be asked and current information/answers would be sent – see Note 4 – at the same time as the answers would be given due to the temporal schism). 

DHARMA personnel may have found out about the equipment sabotage and hacking and this caused the conflict between The Others and the scientists/workers.  Unfortunately, there were many casualties.  However, a precious few of DHARMA operatives (as well as current civilians) were selected to know the truth of what the Others were doing.  Some believe in their cause, and some pretend to believe with the final intent to use their double-agent status to sabotage the work of The Others.  Some of the civilian operatives are working with The Others under false pretenses and do not know the true purpose behind their actions.

Regarding Jacob and his list – It’s not that people are “good” and “bad” on Jacob’s list.  It’s the end result of their actions – whether they are purposeful or accidental.  Jacob is the head of The Omegas and most likely, Ben’s father.  This would help explain why Ben was raised to someday be the leader of this operation.  Also, there are times when Ben’s speech is just a tiny bit off – it seems strange somehow.  It is because he is basically speaking a language he studied extensively, but didn’t get a chance to speak with native speakers until recently.  It would be analogous to someone from our time trying to speak the English of the middle ages.  Also, Ben has a good sense of humor which is only now beginning to come out because he is finally doing what he has prepared his whole life for and even though he is on a quest to save mankind, he is no longer in the dying world of his past (our future) and he is finally enjoying life to some degree.  He is also very fond of many of the castaways, reading about and studying them for so long.  It is extremely exciting to him to finally be able to meet and interact with them.  Because of all this, he often does not follow the instructions from The Omegas to the letter.  He often improvises, though no one in The Others knows this, which is why they will accept anything he says without question (because those that are “in the know” think that his orders are mandated from The Omegas themselves).  If Ben says that Juliet should not be killed for her transgression, it means (to them) that killing her will probably have even more of a negative impact on the trail to demise than allowing her to live.  It is likely that we will see some sort of corrective action from The Omegas (perhaps Jacob himself) in a future episode.

It is by design that there are so many connections between our castaways.  So much work had to be done to connect all of these people and to redirect (as minutely as possible and still be effective) their lives in order for them all to be on the same plane at the same time. 

So why don’t The Omegas send their team to go back in time and kill/redirect the DeGroots?  Too many peripheral changes – like shooting buckshot – you never know what else you might hit.  Plus, they need the DHARMA technology to work from within the timeframe (a sort of temporal interdependency loop).  Also, the current time has been shown to be the most productive “work space” also DHARMA managed to bring some of the most useful people for the project to the island.  So, in the big picture, DHARMA is not only mainly responsible for the demise of man, but instrumental in its rescue.

What The Omegas never realized (because it was never historically recorded) was that there was another group sent to sabotage DHARMA from subterranean posts on the island (let’s call them Team Hades).  These people are incredibly well-hidden and stealthy and their goal is probably to take over the entire island for their own purposes.  Team Hades does not know The Others’ backstory, but they have been manipulating events and evidence on the island to create even more conflict between DHARMA, The Others and now, the castaways.   Mikhail Bakunin was a likely member of Team Hades, as was Ms. Klugh (although Ms. Klugh acted as a double agent to infiltrate the ranks of The Others – this is why she preferred a quick death at the hands of Bakunin as opposed to the harsher justice of The Others, which would have eventually gotten Team Hades information from her).  Danielle was in the company of several members of Team Hades, but didn’t know it.  It was the operatives from Team Hades that were on Danielle’s ship that “noticed” the numbers beacon and convinced the rest to follow it in order to achieve their hidden agenda to get on the island.  Then, when she went crazy, they faked their deaths to appear to die with the rest of Danielle’s team.  It is very likely that we will see members of her old team alive and diligently working in the island underground.  Team Hades allows her to remain alive because The Others attribute a few things they don’t understand about the island to her, which keeps their focus off looking for another explanation.  The Others allow her to live because as of yet, she is not important to the destructive events in mankind’s history and therefore, must be left alone.

The numbers are part of the Valenzetti Equation, but The Omegas are watching for significant signs that humanity’s disaster course is at least temporarily averted – 1. The Valenzetti numbers become meaningless as they do not correlate to the end of the world anymore.  2.  The black and white rocks are no longer in Jack’s possession because the two people in the caves no longer had them.  There is probably another important sign like this to watch for to indicate success in changing the destruction timeline, but I don’t know what it is.

The Others take children for several reasons.  First and foremost, to remove the innocents and protect them (from what The Omegas know is coming) whenever possible.  Occasionally, they need to harvest stem cells (which they needed from Claire’s fetus  – they got what they needed and that’s why they never went after Aaron again).  Some of the children (as well as the adults) need genetic altering (perhaps they would get a disease later in life or pass on a disease).  However, one particular child was different.  Walt needed to be studied carefully, because his power was such that it could be used for very evil means someday and was a critical contribution toward the demise of man.  Also, a side-benefit of the crash, the island experience and getting him away from his mother and step-father (the latter would have a very, very negative impact on Walt if Walt was allowed to spend his remaining formative years with him) allowed Walt to finally have a more positive role model and relationship with his natural father (even if said father turned out to be a murderer.. he murdered for reasons he believed were good – it’s an atrocity that had to happen).

The monster is a spatially-multi-dimensional Omega-generated AI – Artificial Intelligence – (whose three-dimensional manifestation changes situationally) that is helping The Omegas by keeping an “eye” on The Others and the people working with them (do their actions follow protocol?), as well as on everyone else who has had to be attracted or forced to come to the island (notable exception – the monster cannot detect Team Hades because they are not in its knowledge base).  When the monster shows a person his history and visions, it is able to calculate through checking historical and probability metabases (as opposed to more simpler databases) to see if that person’s outcome has changed in some way based on their recent experience and deeds and if so, what should be done about it.  Sometimes, the person needs to be exterminated.  At times, to get a purer interaction with a character, it might manifest itself in three-dimensional space as a character or being from the person’s past.

Most of the Island’s healing power is simply due to the restorative power of the fresh outdoors.  The water and air is clean as it has been largely unpolluted, the soil is rich, the vegetation is consumed fresh and people are getting more exercise, breathing more oxygen, practicing, however involuntarily, some form of caloric restriction and are forming a large family-type environment (to which every long-lived culture of the world would attribute at least some of its success).  The extraordinary healing examples, however are due to two main phenomena.  The first is the slowing of the body’s metabolic processes (because of slowed time on the island) which means that aging as well as cancer cell division have decelerated.  The other healing phenomena is due to The Others (through the use of Omega healing technology) actually curing people selectively, so that they might stay alive or productive longer than they naturally would have to reach their historical potential or to achieve something for the good of mankind or another character.  At times, that may take the form of a “healing” giving someone new found faith or resolve.  I am convinced that Ben’s cancer did not require surgery unless some important technology of The Others was destroyed or rendered inoperable.  This may have happened, but it is more likely that the surgery, with all its risks and pain, was a calculated gambit to get Jack to bond (on some level) with The Others and somehow restore some of his faith or resolve.  Anyone that knew him (even from an historical perspective) would know that he would follow through with the surgery.  He would never allow a patient to die if he could help it.

On the island, all natural time is one time.  All time has had to slow down to maintain the connection to all time.  The Others may need to broadcast to the past (they needed to open a channel to 1945 – we heard “Moonlight Serenade” through the radio in the episode “The Long Con” – see which demonstrated that a radio link-up to the past was occurring).  This was a way that The Others could maintain minimal interaction with the past (they somehow changed a key radio broadcast during an a key military maneuver) to achieve maximum positive (for the future) outcome.  Polar bears and the four-toed statue are things that are still in the time loop of all history (the island used to be covered in ice from the ice age and the bears are still there, though they don’t appear as damaged by the climate shift because of their slowed metabolic processes). 

When the hatch imploded, it was because the button wasn’t pushed and a void (sort of like a subspace vacuum) was created.  When the failsafe key was turned, the void was let loose in a matter of speaking (I am not a physicist and it is difficult for me to explain this) and matter was beginning to follow the subspace path where information only flowed previously.  Kate and Sawyer were put to work along with many others/Others on the rock pile at the Others camp in order to build a new station for communication.

The voices in the woods are echoes through time from The Omegas.  Occasionally, something from Team Hades might be heard here or there, but they are usually far too careful for that to happen. 

The Black Rock is so deep in the jungle because the water line used to be there.  It got caught up in the time bubble.  Will we actually meet Magnus Hanso ( on the island?  If he didn’t die in the shipwreck, he might be existing in his time which may be connected to the current time.

I have no ideas whatsoever about the Dharma shark.

Miscellaneous Pearl Station:  The notebooks from the Pearl station were originally loaded directly into containers that got trucked to a different location.  When the truck stopped coming, they began to pile up, seemingly in the middle of nowhere.  The cigarette burning in the Pearl station is left over from either an Other or someone from Team Hades keeping an eye on the castaways in the hatch.

Note 1 – The way our castaways were brought to the island was that they were very skillfully maneuvered throughout their lives to eventually end up on that plane together.  While in mid-air the plane encountered turbulence and broke apart which caused nearly everyone on the plane to lose consciousness, at that moment, the plane was stopped in time, the castaways were removed by operatives sent by The Omegas and placed around the island carefully, around the wreckage of the plane.  Time and energy was limited during this time, and only the most significant (to the future) people were saved.  The rest were unfortunately left to go down with the exploding plane once time continued.  (see the 1989 film Millennium starring Kris Kristofferson and Cheryl Ladd for similar plot device).  We will likely see a character or two remembering something very strange about the mid-air breakup or falling (or not falling) in future episodes. 

Note 2 – The notable exception we have seen to this is the older woman from the flashback/time travel who told Desmond what his fate was and that there was nothing he could do about it.  Desmond was about to go veering off course (fatewise) and that would have been so disastrous, that The Omegas determined a mission in a populous place was warranted.

Note 3 – The Omegas would need to be disconnected from their world in a matter of speaking, such that they could recognize changes in it.  Without this necessary disconnection, if something is changed from the past, you wouldn’t know there was a change, because it would just be a part of your history.

Note 4 – The Others couldn’t just wait for answers from the future – they needed to send detailed reports about what they actually did because it would be very nearly impossible for The Omegas to extrapolate what must have happened in current time to caused the changes they might detect in their own time. 



Where can I find replacement brushes / heads for the Casabella Smart Scrub bottle brush?

July 27, 2017

I found a replacement that works for these discontinued replacement heads!  The heads fit onto the stem of the Casabella dishwashing brush, and they’re cheaper than what Casabella used to charge!!!  I’ve used the heads now for over a month (and I do dishes at least a few times a day), and they’ve been great!

The replacement heads / refills are the Munchkin 2-piece Shine Stainless Steel bottle brush refills.  They sell on Amazon for $4.49 for two (cheaper than one of the Casabella ones used to be!).  I’ve shown the two brushes below, so you can see the Casabella (green) one is much longer than the Munchkin.  For me, I need the length to wash bottles that are bigger.  But I ordered the full bottle brush from Munchkin, just in case the replacement heads didn’t fit, so I would still be able to use the new brush.  Now, you don’t have to!


The Casabella brush is all gross in the photo because I’ve just been using it to scrub really dirty pots and pans before I wash them – I couldn’t bear to get rid of it until I found a replacement.


They have a similar-enough screw-on base to work!


This is the way the Munchkin refill fits on the Casabella stem.

Pruning your avocado tree?

January 31, 2016

Hi folks!  Wow, it’s been a long time since I posted here.  I hope I remember how to use WordPress (I’m kind of a Tumblr person now).  Anyway, I’ve received so many comments and questions about how to care for avocado trees, that I wanted to post the results of how extreme trimming of my tree Xavier went last year.


This is how Xavier looked on January 13, 2015, right before I pruned him.


This is how extreme the pruning was.

Xavier always looks kind of bad in the winter time.  I live in a cold climate, and my home gets very chilly.  There is always a lot of leaf drop when it gets cold, but last winter, I felt like Xavier was getting really unhealthy and needed to “start over.”

I am not an expert on plants or anything, but I have had great luck with Xavier and many of the plants I have, so I decided to give it a try.  I was careful to prune with my clean Felco Pruning Shears to make good cuts.  (I clean the shears with rubbing alcohol after every trim – I can’t tell you whether that’s a good thing for the shears or not – only Felco knows for sure, but that’s what I do.)  I didn’t water him very much at all during this time before the leaves grew back, because I felt he was dormant.

It took many weeks for leaves to grow back, but they grew back abundantly, just as when Xavier was healthiest!

I am proud to report that Xavier looks great.  I just took this photo today (January 31, 2016).  You can see Xavier is a lot healthier this winter than he was last winter.  Sure, there are some brown leaves, and there’s been a bit of seasonal leaf-drop, but still!  Just look at my guy here!  I didn’t add any fertilizer or compost this year, either.  Just water!

2016_01_31 IMG_2352 xavier the avocado tree

Xavier on January 31, 2016.  Looking good!  (I’ve got to lose that Diamond Armor Minecraft mask I made for my son for Halloween years ago!  JEEZ!)


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ALERT: Last day for 18% off EVERYTHING at Other Music.

December 8, 2013

People, it’s the coolest music store in NYC.  18% off everything to celebrate their 18th Anniversary – today (Sunday, Dec 8, 2013) is the last day.  In store and online code is ANNIVERSARY.  Store is at 15 East 4th St (near Lafayette) in Manhattan.  Online at

Alert: The Fiddleheads at Integral Yoga are beautiful!

May 17, 2013

It’s Friday in NYC (and probably everywhere else, too!) and I was just at Integral Yoga.  You bitches know how much I love that place! Check out these fiddleheads!  And, they have the BEST LOOKING GINGER EVER!  And, as usual, everything is organic.  I love you so much, Integral Yoga!  And your produce dudes are THE BEST!

Fiddleheads at Integral Yoga 5_17_13

Look at how tender these are! They were so beautiful!


Local. Organic. Expensive. But man, they look good!


Look at this ginger! Oh man.



Alert: gorgeous, organic turmeric at Integral Yoga right now!

April 17, 2013


I am blogging from IY right now. The turmeric is expensive, but this is the best looking turmeric I’ve ever seen, and it’s organic, people!

Holy crap! They even have organic papaya ( but not much!). If your papaya’s not organic, there’s a good probability it’s GM. Look it up… Papaya is one of the worst for GM.

How do you make dumplings?

March 20, 2013

Pan fried and steamed dumplings

Pan fried and steamed dumplings

Dumplings can be filled with pretty  much anything.  My recipe for 50 pork dumplings is below.  I make 50 at a time because that’s how many wrappers are in a package, and they freeze and reheat well.  I don’t eat dumplings anymore because I don’t eat grains and am on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), but my family still loves them, so I make them.  At the end of this post, I have notes that include how to make burgers out of dumpling filling for my Paleo, SCD, gluten-free, and grain-free followers out there.

For 50 dumplings (plus extra filling to make 8 paleo /SCD Legal “dumpling filling burgers” – see end of post).

  • 1 package of Nasoya all natural Wonton Wraps (see notes at end as to why I recommend these specifically)
  • 1 lb ground pork (preferably pastured and/or organic)
  • 3/4 of a pound of green cabbage, shredded
  • 2 peeled carrots, peeled and chopped
  • 12-15 shiitake mushrooms, stems removed, chopped (they’re even better if sautéd in butter or ghee first)
  • 2″ piece of ginger, peeled, grated (a microplane does a great job)
  • 5 scallions (mostly green parts), chopped
  • 2 large or jumbo eggs, beaten (plus one extra egg for dumpling filling patties at the end, if you want to make them)
  • 2 TBS coconut flour
  • 1 Tbs of fish sauce (preferably Red Boat fish sauce, due to no sugar, preservatives or extraneous ingredients)
  • 1 Tbs coconut aminos
  • Optional: 4 sunchokes, peeled and chopped (this is to replace the traditional bamboo shoots, which I think are gross when canned – if you could find fresh bamboo shoots, I would use them)
  • few Tbs of butter, ghee, or coconut oil for sautéing (bacon fat is also wonderful… I’m just saying… don’t judge me!)
  • a cup or so of rice flour to generously put on each layer of dumplings so they don’t stick together if you are going to freeze them.

It takes me just over an hour just to fill 50 dumpling wrappers, so set aside around 2 hours for initial prep, filling, and clean up.  It will be worth it when you have a freezer full of quick-to-cook dumplings!

You’ll also need a food processor of at least 8 cup capacity (or you can process in batches), large mixing bowl, smaller bowl, 10-12″ diameter frying pan with lid, flipper, and a little bit of water (both important for steaming and for wetting down the wrapper), a finger bowl, and if you’re freezing most of them, a freezer container with lid (the Pyrex 3 cup container is a perfect fit for approximately 12 of them, and the 6 cup is great for 20-24, depending on how full you fill them).

Though you could close up the dumplings by hand or fork, it is much easier and looks better when you use one of these dumpling presses. I got this one for $3 at Bowery Kitchen at Chelsea Market. If you’re not near Chelsea Market, here are some cheap ones at Amazon: $4.99 one, and a set of 3 for $4.99.

Dumpling Maker

This dumpling maker will save you a ton of time and energy. It’s the best $3 I ever spent!

First, process the cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, grated ginger, scallions (and sunchokes, if you added them), just until the mixture is fairly homogenous.

Then, place the processed mixture in a large mixing bowl.  Add the ground pork, flour, eggs, fish sauce and coconut aminos.  Mix it all together with your hands, like you are making meatballs (you’ve made meatballs, right?).  This way, you don’t overwork the pork, as you would if you put the pork in the food processor (plus, you’d need a bigger food processor).

Dumpling filling workspace

Setting up your workspace properly will make the arduous task of making 50 dumplings go just a bit faster and easier.  Ignore the juicer and the Kitchen Aid.  They just happen to live there.

Next, set up your dumpling-making station.  It will take a while to make 50 dumplings, so only have a little bit of your filling out at a time.  Take about two cups of the mixture out into a small bowl, and put your large bowl with the rest of the filling in the fridge with a cover on it (either a plate or pan lid over the bowl or some plastic wrap or foil).

Place about a tablespoon of the filling in the wrapper and with a wet finger, moisten two consecutive edges with water, fold it over and put it in the dumpling press.  If you don’t have a press, you can squeeze with your fingers, or press down on the edges of the folded dumpling with a fork.

Put the filling in the dumpling wrapper

Put the filling in the dumpling wrapper and moisten the edges, so when you fold it over, it will stick together.

Folded dumpling in dumpling press

Put the folded dumpling in the press and squeeze down, sealing and crimping the edges.

Finished dumpling

This is how the dumpling looks after it is pressed.

Dumplings fit perfectly in the 3 cup Pyrex rectangular storage dish with blue lid.  Don't forget to generously dust with rice flour between layers to prevent sticking.

Dumplings fit perfectly in the 3 cup Pyrex rectangular storage dish with blue lid. Don’t forget to generously dust with rice flour between layers to prevent sticking.

You can boil, steam or pan fry dumplings.  I like them best when they are pan fried with a bit of steaming at the end.  To cook your dumplings my way, heat up a frying pan over medium heat and melt a little less than a tablespoon of butter, ghee, coconut oil, bacon fat or whatever fat you’d like in the pan making sure you coat the whole bottom surface.  Place the dumplings in the pan, ensuring no overlap and turn the heat down to low.  Flip the dumplings, turn the heat back to medium, and let the other side brown (see first picture of this post).  Once both sides are browned, put a tablespoon or so of water in the pan and quickly put the lid on the pan to trap the steam.  This finishes cooking the dumplings as well as softens the consistency of the cooked wrapper a little.  Your dumplings should have an interior temperature of at least 160 degrees F or more.


  • On the wrappers:  I specify Nasoya wrappers instead of most other varieties because they do NOT have sodium benzoate, which I try to avoid when possible.  Tang’s natural dumpling wrappers would be my preferred choice, but they are hard to find.  If you’re looking to make your own gluten-free wrappers, these recipes look great and well-researched.
  • Making “dumpling filling burgers” to maintain your Paleo, SCD, gluten-free, grain-free lifestyle.  Obviously, don’t use the wrappers.  Also, don’t add the sunchokes if you are doing the SCDiet.  Take the leftover filling (around 3 cups, give or take), add another tablespoon of coconut flour and one egg to the mixture and hand-mix.  Form fairly thin burgers (you want them to be able to cook through completely).  In a separate pan from the burgers, with a separate flipper (so you don’t contaminate them with the rice flour/wrappers), sauté in butter, ghee, coconut oil, bacon fat, or your fat of choice  until browned on each side and to an internal temperature of at least 160 degrees F .
Cooking SCD for myself and regular for the family

I’m cooking the dumpling filling burgers on the left and the regular dumplings on the right.

Browned dumpling filling burgers

Browned dumpling filling burgers

If you want to see how I ate these, my plate will be posted in a few days on Yummy Fixins!

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