Alert: Goodies at Integral Yoga and Sale at Williams Sonoma

February 15, 2012

Goodies I brought home - notice the brownie and tart are almost gone!

Goodies I brought home – notice the brownie and tart are almost gone!

I have really been in love with Integral Yoga Natural Foods these days.  I’ve gone there for years, but have recently switched to purchasing an even greater percentage of my food from there.  The change was mostly due to me going there for decadent desserts.  I adore Sweet Mama’s raw cheesecake, especially the drumstick and black and white flavors.  This week, I tried Vegan Divas Spelt Chocolate Brownie  and, on the advice of a very nice cashier, the Hail Merry Chocolate Mint Miracle Tart.  Warning: I did get way more of a blood sugar challenge from the brownie and the tart than I ever got from the raw cheesecake, so enjoy sparingly!

Also, I noticed Williams Sonoma was having a sale, so I stopped in and ended up buying Christmas pie cutters (which I will use for cookie and sandwich cutters) and cutters for 3-dimensional Christmas cookies, all at deep discount (2.99 each)!  Look out, Christmas 2012!  I will be kicking some serious cookie butt!  UPDATE, Post-2012 holiday season: I hate the 3-D Christmas cookie cutters (“Holiday Storybook Cookie Cutters”).  They don’t work!  From these cookie cutters, I learned that it is a bad idea to make cookies from cutters that can bend out of shape if the cookies need to fit together precisely.  Also, the particular cookies you make with these cutters also need to remain unrealistically rigid and strong in spite of unsually thin parts (oh, like reindeer legs that are intended to be structural supports).  Lastly, metal cookie cutters are lame because if you don’t dry them quickly and perfectly, they rust.  Fortunately, I only spent 2.99 and not the list price of 19.95 to learn this lesson.


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