Alert: Pesto Sale at Whole Foods!

December 14, 2012

I used to make my own pesto until I tasted Seggiano Raw Basil Pesto.  It’s absolutely the best pesto I’ve ever tasted, and it’s dairy-free.  Note: I didn’t say it was the best non-dairy pesto I’ve ever tasted.  I said it was the best pesto, and it happens to be dairy-free.  It’s expensive at $11.99 for 7 oz, but it’s on sale at Whole Foods for $8.99 until 12/25/12 (at least in NYC).  I would suggest you pick some up now if you are so inclined.  This price can’t be beat.

Seggiano Raw Basil Pesto

Seggiano Raw Basil Pesto

Seggiano Raw Basil Pesto

Seggiano Raw Basil Pesto


In 2010 (check my blog), it was on sale for $9.99 a jar, but you could get the 10% case discount on top of that if you bought enough.  It’s my understanding that they did away with the case discount for sale items, but with the $8.99, it works out the same and you don’t have to buy a case to maximize your savings (although I’ve bought a case and a half so far).  Also, the expiration date on the jars I just bought is in 2014, and I’ve been buying this for years and it’s never tasted stale, even after being in the cabinet for a year.  It doesn’t need to be refrigerated until you open it, and it lasts in the refrigerator for weeks.  Lastly, it is in a glass jar and it specifically says it is unpasteurized.  Hooray!  I admit to being confounded by its perfection.


Decadent but healthy holiday treats?

December 13, 2012

Before I go into listing my favorite decadent but (relatively) healthy treats, I need to mention the new holiday tin from Hail Merry.  This past February, I posted about how much I loved their Chocolate Mint Miracle Tart and today, I sampled their Choco Macaroons in the First Love Blue tin tonight at Organic Avenue and they are ridick delish.  They were not overly sweet (but just sweet enough) and the shredded coconut was not overwhelming.  You know how sometimes a large amount of dried, shredded coconut can make something taste a little like soap?  Well, these chocolate macaroons had no trace of that.  Plus, they’re vegan, gluten free, kosher and non-GMO certified.  According to the website, the tin is $20 and includes shipping!  If you want to try them first, you can buy a small four-macaroon (less festive) soft-pack ($3.99 at Organic Avenue).  I bought one of the small packs after sampling one in the store.  That’s right — money where my mouth is, yo.

Hail Merry Choco Macaroons

Gerry from Hail Merry is even prettier in person. You think there’s something to this “raw oils” thing? Duh.

Here are some ideas for some really decadent, but (relatively) healthy treats (in no particular order).  WARNING: all of these are ridiculously rich and decadent and I would STRONGLY advise you against eating an entire package  of any of this stuff at one time.  Seriously, it’s too much.  I’m a big eater, and I’m used to a very high raw-fat diet, and they’re even too much for me.  Portion it out before you start.  If you’re the kind of person who can’t stop yourself half way through a package, don’t even get started with these treats.  Trust me.

  • Sweet Mama’s cheesecake – I buy it at Integral Yoga and my favorites are drumstick, berry, and black and white cheesecakes. 
  • Rockin’ Raw – I like their chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, cinnabuns, mocha cheesecake, banana cheesecake and vanilla pumpkin pudding.   Pity me because I’ve never been to their Sullivan Street store, but I usually buy their stuff at Integral Yoga (chocolate cake exclusive) or Organic Avenue (banana cheesecake exclusive).
  • One Lucky Duck / Pure Food and Wine – Tiramisu.  It’s expensive and it’s small.  I don’t know how often they have it at the restaurant, but it’s usually available at the takeaway shop.  This is the dessert that will make you believe in time travel, if you are prone to believe that some omnipotent, nutritionally benevolent version of yourself from the future is bothering to alter the space/time continuum in order for you to taste miracles.  Yeah, I said that.
  • One Lucky Duck / Pure Food and Wine – Thumbprint cookies – probably available only at the takeaway shop.  I doubt they would have these at the restaurant.
  • Hail Merry Chocolate Mint Miracle Tart – I buy these at Integral Yoga, but I’ve seen them all over the place (some Whole Foods, Lifethyme, Organic Avenue, etc.).  These are good enough to give to someone who claims to hate health food and/or a picky kid.
  • Rawlicious cheesecake – pretty much any flavor.
  • Gnosis chocolate – Fleur de Sel bar – 70% raw dark chocolate, dairy free, gluten-free, organic and refined-sugar-free, with big salt flakes in it?  Yes.  Yes, indeed.  Integral Yoga tends to have better prices than Whole Foods on these.

Alert: Watercress is back at Integral Yoga!

December 7, 2012

UPDATE: Feb 2013 – No watercress, and there probably won’t be for a long time.  The distributor seems to have run into some unrecoverable difficulty or something.  I will report when that delicious watercress is back at Integral Yoga!

Watercress is back at Integral Yoga, after an absence of at least 4 or so months!  Also, cashier Jeanette is back!


Now go get your Vitamin K on, you alkalizing beast!

As if all that wasn’t enough, I was able to get some of Regal Vegan’s Walnut Lentil Pâté, which I’ve been missing out on for at least a month!

Vegan Pate

Regal Vegan’s Walnut Lentil Pâté kicks the ass of other pâtés.

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