Alert: Watercress is back at Integral Yoga!

December 7, 2012

UPDATE: Feb 2013 – No watercress, and there probably won’t be for a long time.  The distributor seems to have run into some unrecoverable difficulty or something.  I will report when that delicious watercress is back at Integral Yoga!

Watercress is back at Integral Yoga, after an absence of at least 4 or so months!  Also, cashier Jeanette is back!


Now go get your Vitamin K on, you alkalizing beast!

As if all that wasn’t enough, I was able to get some of Regal Vegan’s Walnut Lentil Pâté, which I’ve been missing out on for at least a month!

Vegan Pate

Regal Vegan’s Walnut Lentil Pâté kicks the ass of other pâtés.

Alert: Great Snack Food

October 5, 2012

Flamous Falafel Chips

I found these at Integral Yoga. I’ve also seen them at Whole Foods occasionally. If you’re going to eat a chip, this seems to me to be your best option, nutritionally.

It’s that time of the year when I go evaluating snack foods to bring in to The Kid’s classroom, and I am very impressed with Flamous Falafel Chips in Original Flavor (they have a spicy flavor as well).  Due to my nightshade intolerance, I can’t eat them (they contain bell peppers, tomato and cayenne), but The Kid and husband loves them, and I am impressed with the organic non-GMO ingredients, as well as their dairy-free, gluten-free, preservative-free, artificial color/flavor-free status.  I’m not a fan of corn (it’s the Dick Cheney of the nutritional world), and these are corn-based.  However, they at least made it organic, non-GMO, whole kernel corn, so the presence of (at least good quality corn) is more than mitigated by the other benefits, in my opinion.

Flamous Falafel Chips Ingredients

This is one impressive set of ingredients!

Flamous Falafel Chips Stats

The stats are not bad. I like to see zero sugars, a bit of protein, reasonable sodium and good numbers for Calcium and Iron (especially considering the serving size is only 10 chips).

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