Good songs for cardio?

This is what I like for the Lifefitness Elliptical, sorted by MPH range (my speed has more to do with how the song makes me feel than a straight up BPM):

Under 4.5MPH

  • Frequency by FM Belfast
  • Get the Funk Out Ma Face by Brothers Johnson

4.5 – 5 MPH

  • Tropical by FM Belfast
  • Hell’s Bells – AC/DC

5 – 5.5 MPH

  • Underwear by FM Belfast
  • Absolute by Scritti Politti
  • Obsession by Animotion
  • Please Don’t Stop the Music by Rihanna
  • Bossy by Lindsay Lohan
  • Rain by The Cult
  • Thela Hun Jinjeet by King Crimson

5.5 – 6 MPH

  • Destroy Everything You Touch by Ladytron
  • Ready For the Floor by Hot Chip
  • Sleep Deprivation and Audacity of Huge by Simian Mobile Disco

6 – 6.5 MPH

  • VHS by FM Belfast
  • Lotus by FM Belfast
  • Mad World by Tears For Fears
  • Collarbone by Fujiya & Miyagi
  • Superstition by Stevie Wonder
  • Summertime Clothes by Animal Collective
  • Hello Operator by The White Stripes (sounds a little slow, but it totally gets me going)

Over 6.5 MPH

  • Your Disco Song by Vitalic
  • Pay Tomorrow by Tim Exile
  • In Our Hands by Bjork (Soft Pink Truth Remix)
  • Bullet with Butterfly Wings by Smashing Pumpkins (this is good for interval training, because I go at a bunch of different speeds during this song – 5-5.5 for the verses, 6.5 – 7 for the chorus and 9-10 for the bridge)
  • Lips Like Sugar by Echo and The Bunnymen (also good for change ups, I go 5.5 on the verse and 6.5 on the chorus)
  • Photocopier by Fujiya & Miyagi
  • Goofy’s Concern by Butthole Surfers (7.5 – 9; one of my favorite songs!  Love it!)
  • Magnetic Warrior by Archie Bronson Outfit (completely awesome)
  • Billy Electron (Venger Remix) by Milanese

Other songs I like for cardio, but haven’t timed yet on the elliptical, so I don’t know where to put them are:

  • If It Ain’t Broke by The Limp Twins
  • Jetson and Steadycam by Dutch Uncles
  • Get Low (Original Mix) by Justin Martin (Haven’t been this excited about an electro song for a long time.  May have to start break dancing again!)
  • Summertime Clothes by Animal Collective
  • No Security (Rustie Remix) by Crookers featuring Kelis
  • Breakdown by Fu-Schnickens
  • Too Lost In You (Various Productions Remix) by Sugababes
  • Don’t Turn It Off (Brennan Green Mix) by 40 Thieves featuring Qzen
  • dudun-dun by Para One (really kicks in around the 2nd minute)
  • Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream) by The Icicle Works
  • Can’t Get You Out of My Head (Soulwax Remix) by Kylie Minogue

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