Pink Himalayan Salt?

Gadzooks!  Now who’s going through whose spice basket?  Yes!  I bought the Himalayan pink salt (I bought the Himalania brand – it was on sale at Whole Foods – $5 instead of $7.99, ka-ching!).  I could say I’ve been thinking about it for a while because One Lucky Duck always uses it or because it’s got all kinds of good qualities (apparently), but I really bought it because I got sucked into this conversation about plant melatonin with some dude at Whole Foods and one thing led to another and he talked me into trying Himalayan pink salt.

You don’t have to tell me, I already know, I am exactly the persnickety, nutritionally pretentious middle-aged woman who goes all apeshit over precious, esoteric condiments such as Himalayan pink salt.  Hey, I’ve also been combing the farmer’s market for chervil, for crying out loud, and you’ve all heard my raw sauerkraut raves.  And you know what?  I even annoy myself.  Sure, I’d love to be cool, not care what I eat (or just eat metal) and act like Mr. T for weeks at a time.  Dress like him, shave my head in an interesting fashion, call people fools and maybe even star in a badass paramilitary show like the A-Team.  But you know what?  I’m a Mother, and I think my rapping, food allergies and fascination with refrigerants already make me strange enough to my child and acting like Mr. T (like for longer than 10 minutes, which is totally normal) is just beyond.  But wait until he goes to college!  I pity the fool who messes with me then.


3 Responses to Pink Himalayan Salt?

  1. mosler says:

    Pink Himalayan Salt is soooo unlocavore

  2. Alex E. says:

    You could also affix garbage cans to your car to create impenetrable armor. Just sayin’

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