Alert: Uniqlo 5th Ave now carries kid’s clothes

UPDATE: September 2012

Uniqlo kids clothes are WAY better now than when they were re-introduced in New York this past March when I hated them (see below).  I was just there and thought there was plenty of great stuff, especially for toddlers.  My only complaints were that the clothes don’t go big enough in size.  The XL underwear, for example, is the right size for an 8 or 9 year old kid with an athletic build.


I’ve got good news and bad news for you. The good news is that when I passed by the Uniqlo store at 53rd and 5th in NYC today, they had kid’s clothes in the window. The bad news is that the selection is minimal, and what is there sucks. There is a small selection of skinny-fit jeans (same style for boys and girls), a few ugly girl’s sweaters, some lightweight, zip-up hoodies, and some uncomfortable looking boys clothes (button-down shirts for very little kids). Uniqlo has apparently decided to go after that ever-expanding “kids who like needlessly uncomfortable clothes” market. We all know how big that is.

Uniqlo is my favorite clothes store, I have been waiting for YEARS for them to carry kid’s clothes again, and I was ready to spend a lot of money on a whole hell of a lot of kid’s clothes. I walked out of there with 3 pairs of socks (for myself) and a pair of promotionally-priced boxer briefs ($3.90!) for my husband. Epic fail, Uniqlo.


3 Responses to Alert: Uniqlo 5th Ave now carries kid’s clothes

  1. Tony says:

    Uni Qlo is my wife’s favorite store as well. She shops at the one in her hometown in Japan. I must admit that it is a great store for the quality and value. I’m not surprised to see this chain take off in the USA.

    • syntk says:

      The first time I went to a Uniqlo was in London and I immediately fell in love. I waited many years before one opened in NYC. Someday, I will visit Japan, and I will spend plenty of time (and money, no doubt) in Uniqlos there.

  2. Michael Barrett says:

    You can also find some clothes for your kids on

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