Alert: Whole Foods Sale

I don’t know how wide-spread sales at Whole Foods are.  But in NYC, these are some of the things on Sale til 11/2/10:

* Whole Jurlique line.  It’s expensive stuff to begin with, but the discounts are pretty good.

* Van’s waffles 2 for $5 (and the dollar-off coupon from the last circular is still good)

* A bunch of Amy’s frozen foods.

* Chia seeds (I bought the Navitas Naturals ones, though a few brands were on sale)

* Julie’s Organic ice cream treats – I like to have the Juliette ice cream sandwiches around for my kid, because they are small.  Desserts, if you’re going to have them at all, should be small, and these are the right size.

*Ecover dishwashing liquid and dishwasher powder (if I’m remembering correctly, it seemed like Seventh Generation was still cheaper per unit, though, at least in the bigger sizes)

Not on sale, but I’m happy that:

* GT Dave’s Kombucha is back in Whole Foods!

* I found Jovial brand pasta!  The wheat they use has only 2 chromosomes, so it’s supposed to be easier to digest.


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  1. […] Jovial Pasta – 2 for $5 (reg 3.99 ea, I think) – see my notes on Jovial here […]

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